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Friday, August 28, 2015

Does your Forklift include an anti-rollback feature?

The Stärke 3 & 4 wheel Energy (electric) forklifts all include this protective feature to assist in preventing accidents in the workplace. Including anti-rollback protection is a must when dealing with steep inclines and grades. For example; this system adds an added layer of protection against the forklift rolling back on a ramp when the brake pedal is not applied. This feature also offers increased ramp start-up abilities.

How does the anti-rollback system work? The machine must be turned on and in gear with throttle released. Then the mechanism will electrically stop the forklift from rolling back while the brake is released.

Note: the anti-rollback feature will not work unless the forklift is in operation. Never leave the seat of your forklift when on a ramp, regardless of the added protection an anti-rollback system offers. The operator is always responsible for their machine, and should remain in the unit when on a ramp, steep grade, or while the forklift is in operation.

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